Service Fees

We provide support for a broad range of services, including Next Generation Sequencing, sample preparation, DNA/RNA isolation and SNP fingerprinting. Our partner institutes (UMC Utrecht, Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht University) subsidize the facility and qualify for the reduced rates. These reduced rates include costs for chemicals, operator time, annual maintenance, lab hardware, LIMS service contract, and are excluding costs for management, acquisition and housing.

Users outside our academic partner institutes will have access to our services based on scientific excellence and through pay-for-use via external rates.

Please contact us for a quotation.

Pricing overview

Note that prices can be updated over time quarterly due to inflation and changed euro/dollar rates.
Pricing status at the date of submission will be applied.

ServiceTypePrice perPrice (excl VAT)
Nanopore FlongleSequencingRun € 223
Nanopore MinIonSequencingRun € 843
Nanopore PromethIonSequencingRun € 2.343
iSeq 100 (all configs)SequencingRun € 893
MiSeq 2 x 150 bp V2 nano kitSequencingRun € 750
MiSeq 2 x 150 bp V2 micro kitSequencingRun € 878
MiSeq 1 x 50 bp V2 kitSequencingRun€ 1.207
MiSeq 2 x 150 bp V2 kitSequencingRun€ 1.408
MiSeq 2 x 250 bp V2 kitSequencingRun€ 1.519
MiSeq 2 x 300 bp V3 kitSequencingRun€ 1.832
MiSeq 2 x 75 bp V3 kitSequencingRun€ 1.285
NextSeq500 2 x 75 bp mid outputSequencingRun€ 1.437
NextSeq500 2 x 150 bp mid outputSequencingRun€ 2.012
NextSeq500 1 x 75 bp high outputSequencingRun€ 1.786
NextSeq500 2 x 75 bp high outputSequencingRun€ 2.970
NextSeq500 2 x 150 bp high outputSequencingRun€ 4.460
NextSeq2000 2 x 50 bp (P2)SequencingRun€ 1.629
NextSeq2000 2 x 100 bp (P2)SequencingRun€ 2.627
NextSeq2000 2 x 150 bp (P2)SequencingRun€ 3.661
NovaSeq SP 2 x 50SequencingRun€ 2.770
NovaSeq SP 2 x 100SequencingRun
NovaSeq SP 2 x 150SequencingRun€ 4.048
NovaSeq SP 2 x 250SequencingRun€ 5.365
NovaSeq S1 2 x 50SequencingRun€ 4.247
NovaSeq S1 2 x 100SequencingRun€ 5.365
NovaSeq S1 2 x 150SequencingRun€ 6.244
NovaSeq S2 2 x 50SequencingRun€ 8.560
NovaSeq S2 2 x 100SequencingRun€ 11.355
NovaSeq S2 2 x 150SequencingRun€ 13.152
NovaSeq S4 2 x 100SequencingRun€ 26.511
NovaSeq S4 2 x 150SequencingRun€ 30.411
Truseq DNA nanoSample prepSample€ 83
Truseq RNA stranded polyASample prepSample€ 92
Truseq RNA stranded RiboZero (human, mouse, rat)Sample prepSample€ 150
SNP Open Array (60 SNPs)FingerprintingRun (45 samples)€ 850
DNA isolationIsolationSample€ 17
RNA isolationIsolationSample€ 18

Consultancy Service

For expert advice on your NGS-based research and the possibilities USEQ offers to get the most out of your samples: request a meeting at our consulting hour, each Friday at 1:30pm. Experimental design, technology, platform and library preparation choice, standard bioinformatics analysis, results and follow-up experiments are discussed. The facility manager ensures to bring the right experts from any of the participating organisations to the table.

You can request a meeting at


Nanopore sequencing now available; please contact us for the options!
Due to corona preventive measures we could experience some delays. We will try to minimize it. Apologies for this.
Due to corona preventive measures, sample dropoff access is limited to UMCU staff only. If you are from other institutes, please contact useq and make an appointent so we can personally accept your samples.
NEW: we will add nanostring nCounter to USEQ services in the next few weeks!
PRICE UPDATE: from april 21st we have new prices! Generally 6% lower than 2019.