Utrecht Sequencing Facility

Your partner for Next Generation sequencing based experiments

The Utrecht Sequencing Facility provides support for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) based research.

pipettingWe provide support for a broad range of services, including DNA/RNA isolation, sample preparation, Next Generation Sequencing, SNP fingerprinting and basic data analysis. A comprehensive state-of-the-art infrastructure is available, including NGS sequencers, liquid handling robotics, bioinformatics tools and ICT.You are welcome to take a look at our standard services or contact us for any customizations.

The Utrecht Sequencing Facility is sponsored by the University Medical Center Utrecht and the NWO infrasctructure grant X-omics.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities for your research!

Consultancy Service

For expert advice on your NGS-based research and the possibilities USEQ offers to get the most out of your samples: request a meeting at our consulting hour, each Friday at 1:30pm. Experimental design, technology, platform and library preparation choice, standard bioinformatics analysis, results and follow-up experiments are discussed. The facility manager ensures to bring the right experts from any of the participating organisations to the table.

You can request a meeting at useq@umcutrecht.nl.


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Christmas holiday close: USEQ is closed between 25 dec – 5 jan 2024!