SNP Fingerprinting

Generate a multi locus SNP fingerprint for sample tracking or swap detection

pipettingWe offer SNP fingerprinting service for human samples: a measurement of genetic variation of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs). This application can be used for genotyping, gender confirmation and sample tracking.

In our automated SNP fingerprinting workflow we use TaqMan OpenArray technology in combination with the QuantStudio 12K Flex Real-Time PCR System: a nanoliter fluidics platform for low volume, solution phased reactions. We employ the OpenArray Barcode Panel 60, including 57 autosomal and 3 Y-chromosomal SNPs. Per array we can interrogate 45 samples, low input needed (minimal concentration of 5 ng/μl (qubit), with a minimal volume of 5 μl).

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Sample Submission

For sample submission please follow the procedure described here.


ServicePrice perPrice (excl VAT)
SNP Open Array (60 SNPs)Run (45 samples)€ 1.399
DNA isolationSample€ 19

Service fees include costs for chemicals, operator time and troubleshooting.

Consultancy Service

For expert advice on your NGS-based research and the possibilities USEQ offers to get the most out of your samples: request a meeting at our consulting hour, each Friday at 1:30pm. Experimental design, technology, platform and library preparation choice, standard bioinformatics analysis, results and follow-up experiments are discussed. The facility manager ensures to bring the right experts from any of the participating organisations to the table.

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