Bioinformatics Data Analysis

Data analysis

We facilitate routine primary data analysis, including basic QC and conversion of sequencing runs. In addition, demultiplexing is offered for a standard set of indexes as described here.

For further analysis, please contact our collaborators of the UMCU Bioinformatics Expertise Core (UBEC).

Data encryption

To ensure a safe data transfer we encrypt your data using OpenPGP encryption, please follow the instructions here.

Data storage

The data download link will be active for one week. Please ensure proper handling when you are unable to download the data yourself!

Data storage is supported for a maximum of two months, after this period data will be deleted without prior notice. Users are responsible for long term storage (and back up) of their data.


Consultancy Service

For expert advice on your NGS-based research and the possibilities USEQ offers to get the most out of your samples: request a meeting at our consulting hour, each Friday at 1:30pm. Experimental design, technology, platform and library preparation choice, standard bioinformatics analysis, results and follow-up experiments are discussed. The facility manager ensures to bring the right experts from any of the participating organisations to the table.

You can request a meeting at


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